am Anfang war

die Waffe

by Amir Gudarzi

Dezember 2022 / Werk X Wien

set design & costume design

Team: Maria Sendlhofer, Amir Gudarzi, Angela Heide, STella Jarisch, Anne Schartmann, Benjamin Maier, Larissa Kramarek

acting: Nina Fog , Lena Kalisch, Anna Krestel,

Christoph Griesser, Johnny Mhanna

Live music: July Skone, Stefan Voglsinger

The Hanau assassin ordered his murder weapon and other weapons, including a Glock 17, on the Internet. Who produces these weapons? Who profits from them?

Many weapons producers donate to right-wing parties, which in turn agitate against immigrants and refugees. Since the so-called "refugee influx" in 2015, more weapons have been sold in Austria: Glock Perfection, Glock Precision, Glock Safety.

People flee from these weapons in the hands of dictators and are hunted again in Europe by the same weapons, now in the hands of right-wingers.

People often try to tell us that weapons in the hands of the police are "good" and in the hands of dictators, of right-wing radicals or Islamists "evil". Are guns really neutral? Are we not afraid of guns, but only of the hands that carry them?

Based on intensive research, Gudarzi and director Maria Sendlhofer develop a narrative that vividly illustrates the vicious circle surrounding weapons and their victims, as well as the industry behind them and its international lobbies.

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