Über die Kunst sich tot zu stellen

2020 / Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna /
set design & costume design

Team: Ulrike Arnold, Ulrike Syha, Gerhard Fischer, David Lipp,
Larissa Kramarek

Acting: Pia Zimmermann, Nils Arztmann, Enzo Brumm, Felix Oitzinger, Lukas Samuel, Tilman Tuppy

One could mistake the theater for a slaughterhouse. There is a lot of dying on the stages of this world.

And with great matter-of-factness. In society, on the other hand, we perceive death nowadays almost only as a blank space; in real life in particular, death is mainly offstage. 

Young actors get caught up in this tension during their training. At an age when one hardly gives a thought to one's own death, they are taught how to die.

But can death be portrayed at all? Can dying be taught and learned? And how do actors deal with this special requirement?

A collage, an experiment about stage death.

Enzo und pia

© Andrea Klem & Larissa Kramarek