2018  / Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien  / Performance

concept and Performance: Larissa Kramarek

What influence does the fashion, advertising and erotic industry have on the image of the female body? What ideals are we actually chasing so desperately?
This performance was about a radical meddling in the body industry,

as a clear critique of it.
The body as a product to see, to touch and to take home.
The "BODY SHOP" was a kind of butcher's store where silicone copies of Larissa Kramarek's body were sold. The price was 25 cents per gram, just like at a butcher. The aim was to put the body up for negotiation with the customers again and again. "This is about the capitalization of my body.

Art should not cost anything!" was probably the most frequent sentence in this performance.
"My body is my capital."


© Laura Malmberg