Das Optimum

by Mario Wurmitzer

 September 2019 / Theater Kosmos Bregenz

  set design, costume design & video

Team: Maria Sendlhofer, Jan Wielander, Niklas Handrich, Larissa Kramarek

Acting: Phillip Auer, Enrique Fiß, Nina Lilith Voelsch


Anna suddenly has hallucinations. She has not been able to sleep for weeks. To finally find peace and relaxation, she wants to go on a trip to the Maldives with her boyfriend Max. But at the airport the departure is always longer in coming and outside the building suddenly patrol soldiers with machine guns. When they meet Thomas, an obscure communications consultant, events come to a head. A surreal-comedic trip takes its course.

Mario Wurmitzer explores the ubiquitous trend towards self-optimization in our nervous times and condenses it into a surreal farce. 
A production of Theater KOSMOS Bregenz in cooperation with Schauspielhaus Wien.


© Larissa Kramarek