Geleemann, die Zukunft zwischen meinen Fingern

2020 / Werk X Petersplatz, Vienna /

set design & costume design

Team: Maria Sendlhofer, Christina Kramer, Olivia Hild, Amir Gudarzi, Larissa Kramarek

Acting: Clara Schulze Wegener, Simonida Selimovic', Phillip AUer, Jhonny Mhanna, Pouyan Kheradmand

A prison cell in Vienna. A man in pre-trial detention. The newspapers report the detainee as a burglar and rapist. "Geleemann" is the name the media have given him. He is an Iranian asylum seeker and sees himself not as a criminal but as a poet.

His story tells of the longing for closeness and the urgent need to be heard and understood.
Perpetrator and victim at the same time, he repeatedly escapes judgment and exposes the audience to an uncanny ambivalence.

In doing so, he demands to look history and the social repression in the face.
The text, which is as political as it is poetic, tells of violence, ignorance and systematic fading out and pushing away.


© Mani Froh