Kleingartenverein ZUKUNFT

October 2021 / Kosmos Theater Wien

set design & costume design

Team: Maria Sendlhofer, Olivia Hild, Bernhard Eder, Peter Neugschwentner,

Christina Kramer, Larissa Kramarek

Acting: Philipp Auer, Janusz Cichocki, Bernhard Eder, Olivia Hild, Suse Lichtenberger, Peter Pertusini, Krista Schweiggl


Classical music. A lawn mower howls, a second, a third, a fourth. The ballet of the mowers begins. But already another person - in the interest of all! - loudly demands that the quiet times be observed.

The allotment garden - a piece of paradise, a place of clear boundaries, fences and rules. Even if opinions differ about the right way to barbecue: when it comes to protecting the colony, even the most bitter dispute between neighbors is quickly forgotten. The fence to the outside remains the highest.

In the field of tension between self-assertion and the longing for community, this evening tells of the generation of a cohesion in dependence on a constructed outside.


© Bettina Frenzel