February 2023 / WUK performing arts

costume design

Team: Olivia Hild, Benjamin Maier, Jakob Blazejczak,

Larissa Kramarek, Annelie Andre, Inge Gappmaier

performance: Bita Bell, Akino Distelberger, Verena Herterich

Live sound: Lens Kühleitner

Glaciers are in motion. They are like a sensor indicating a change that already happened a long time ago. The movements of the glacier are minimal and so slow but the change is faster than ever before.

_melt_ is a choreography for three performers and a musician exploring the state of melting. On a scenographic sculpture emerging within the space the performers move into the minimal motions of melting: soft shakes, shifts in proximity, tiny cracks and falling. Going down as an act of being-with, attuning-to, listening-to and falling-into. Gravitating towards the unknown, melting into after.

Sound materials from the ice at Hintertux glacier find their way into the sound created live by Lens Kühleitner, heating up the melting movements of Bita Bell, Akino Distelberger and Verena Herterich.

© Mani Froh