Mit freundlichen Grüßen, eure Pandora

Janurary 2022 / Kosmos Theater Wien 
Set design, costume design & Video

Team: Paul Spittler, Johannes Kerschbaummayr, Larissa Kramarek, Dulci Jahn

Acting: Maria Hofstätter, Sonja Romei, Christina Scherrer, Lara Sienczak, Elena Wolff

Good evening / here we are / we let ourselves out / and we plan to spread out

Pandora's Box is open again. Even in Greek mythology,

a single woman caused men to fear for their lives: In the 21st century, genetic researcher Eva opens this box again in search of alternative methods of reproduction. Together with her adolescent daughter Valeria, her tough friend Salome,

the successful pop singer Joanne and Baubo, with her millennia of experience,

she postulates the abolition of patriarchy. Using various strategies,

some of them questionable, the five try to conjure up a society of absolute,

lived equality and in the process become entangled in moral and ideal contradictions. The abolition of the male sex is perhaps not the best solution?

Or is it?


© Larissa Kramarek